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Relay-Assisted User Scheduling in Wireless Networks with Hybrid-ARQ February 1, 2010

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My fourth journal paper appeared in the IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology last November. You can find a pre-print on arXiv here.

Here are my thoughts on this paper’s strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths: In this paper, we considered the problem of downlink user scheduling and asked the following question: how should scheduling be performed under a hybrid-ARQ transmission framework, given that at least one relay is available to assist the base station? For two distinct cost models, we proved that the optimal scheduler was a priority-index policy, where the assisting relay must be considered when computing each user’s priority index. This paper illustrates the power of relay selection in yet another aspect of wireless system design.

Weaknesses: This paper was also the outcome of my attempt to understand the well-studied, yet mathematically interesting area of queuing and scheduling. My brief foray into this area showed me that I needed to build my foundation in Markov chains in order to do serious research. Unfortunately, I was only able to obtain the above stated result, which was a relatively simple extension of some previous work by J. Huang et al.

This was my third accepted IEEE journal paper, though it was technically a correspondence (as opposed to a regular paper). I do want to commend the anonymous reviewers, who rightly observed that the initially submitted manuscript was too long and contained many trivial results. The outcome of the review process was a more polished paper that was also of an appropriate length.



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