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Final Greetings May 27, 2013

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Here are my thoughts on 2 Thessalonians 3:16-18.

Summary: Paul begins by praying that God would enable the Thessalonians to seek peaceful solutions in everything they do.

He then guards against forged letters – that purported to be from him – finding their way into the Thessalonian church.

Paul concludes by praying that God would help the Thessalonians by the presence of Christ’s grace.

Thoughts: In this passage, we see that Paul himself writes a greeting to the Thessalonians to confirm the authenticity of this letter. Now I wonder if this implies that an amanuensis such as Tertius wrote most of the letter as Paul dictated it to them. If so, I would like to meet this amanuensis in the next life and learn about how this letter – and other Pauline epistles – was written. Was it composed in one sitting, or if not, how long did the composition process take? Did the amanuensis make any errors, and if so, how did they correct them? Was the composition process fairly tedious, and if so, did Paul attempt to relieve the burden on the amanuensis? In any event, all believers should be thankful that Paul had an amanuensis to assist him, especially when he was faced with great difficulties.



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