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Do Not Love the World February 6, 2014

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Here are my thoughts on 1 John 2:15-17.

Summary: John begins by stating that his readers should not turn their thoughts and affections toward corruptions of every kind or the abyss of all evils; indeed, those who enslave themselves to earthly lusts cannot please God. Those who live for the world:

  • indulge the desires of the body
  • cast libidinous glances
  • delight in pomp and splendor
  • are haughty.

John concludes by stating that everything in the world that is coveted is ephemeral; on the other hand, those who seek God will be perpetually blessed.

Thoughts: In verse 16, John states that a believer should not boast “of what he has and does.” Calvin offers some thoughts on this point in his commentary:

Lastly follows boasting or haughtiness, with which is connected ambition, contempt of others, blind love of self, and headstrong self-confidence.

This exhortation is quite interesting, since I thought about my career when I read this passage. Note that one must display self-confidence during an interview; if your interviewer asks you to assess your strengths and you answer them hesitantly, they will generally downgrade you. Also, one must display self-confidence to their colleagues and superiors, as their workplace demeanor affects the outcome of their annual review – hence, the chances of a future promotion. In light of these facts, believers should express “self-confidence” without being “headstrong,” i.e. one should honestly acknowledge their strengths and abilities when necessary while giving thanks to God as the Source of their talents. Perhaps Calvin should not have mentioned “ambition” in his commentary…



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