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Wives and Husbands May 30, 2014

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Here are my thoughts on 1 Peter 3:1-7.

Summary: Peter begins by exhorting believing women to subject themselves to their husbands; by living pure and holy lives, they might facilitate the conversion of their husbands’ souls. By subjecting themselves to their husbands, they display their chastity and fear of God. Now they should not become vain about their clothes; instead, they should be meek. To support this point, Peter cites the example of Sarah, who subjected herself to her husband, Abraham; in this way, she displayed her undaunted spirit and her pure conscience.

Peter concludes by exhorting believing men to esteem their wives – whom they love; in particular, they – and their wives – have received free grace from God in the form of eternal life. Thus, they must be at peace with their wives – giving them peace with God in their prayers.

Thoughts: In verse 7, Peter exhorts married male believers to love their wives. Leighton offers some interesting thoughts on this point:

People who have been bought with the precious blood of the same Redeemer will be loath to grieve or despise each other. As they have been brought into peace with God, they will have true peace between themselves and will not allow anything to disturb this. They have the hope of a day when there will be nothing but perfect concord and peace, and they live as heirs of that life now and make their present state as like heaven as they can.

While Leighton’s thoughts are pleasant, I think that many modern-day believers will admit that they fail to even approach this ideal. Perhaps we do not dwell on the fact that we have all been purchased by the blood of Christ, and so we repeatedly revert to our natural state, where miscommunication reigns. This fuels the formation of Christian cliques where the members of a given clique rejoice in their commonalities, while members of different cliques rarely mingle. I often doubt that we can truly make progress on this front, and this problem is compounded by the fact that “it takes two to tango.” Yet genuine believers should strive to promote unity and “concord” in the body of Christ. Perhaps each of us should strive to fulfill our individual responsibility of promoting unity in the body of Christ, as God will approve of our actions regardless of how others respond to us…



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