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Final Greetings July 3, 2014

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Here are my thoughts on 1 Peter 5:12-14.

Summary: Peter begins by telling his readers that although he has written them a short letter – with the help of Silas – he has accomplished his purpose of establishing them in their faith.

He then sends them greetings from other believers.

Peter concludes by extending God’s true peace to his readers.

Thoughts: Now that I have completed my stroll through 1 Peter, I must say that I have a new appreciation for this epistle. Even though I do not struggle with the same issues that vexed Peter’s original audience, this letter has shown me that Satan wants all believers to surrender to him; thus, Satan is attacking me in more subtle ways. Indeed, this letter is a timely – and, in some sense, timeless – reminder for believers to stand firm, since they:

  • necessarily identify with Christ in their sufferings
  • want to be found faithful at the Second Coming of Christ
  • want to receive the awesome inheritance that God has prepared for them.

I should also note that I have a new appreciation for the sections of this epistle that stress the importance of submission as a method of sharing the Gospel message – which might necessitate suffering for living righteously. I certainly hope that if I suffer in the same way that Peter’s original readers suffered, my suffering will stem from my righteousness – not from my sinfulness.



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