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Warning to Pay Attention March 8, 2015

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Here are my thoughts on Hebrews 2:1-4.

Summary: The author begins by exhorting his readers – based on the preceding discussion – to be ready to obey the Gospel message. This stems from the following facts:

  • his readers knew that the law was declared by angels, and it became an assured covenant between God and His people
  • his readers also knew that those who disobeyed the law were fairly recompensed according to His judgment
  • the preceding discussion has demonstrated that Jesus Christ is superior to the angels
  • his readers knew that the Gospel message was declared by Jesus Christ
  • thus, those who disobey the Gospel message will also be fairly recompensed according to God’s judgment.

Indeed, Jesus Christ declared the Gospel message to the apostles, and the apostles made it firm and steadfast to his readers. The author concludes by asserting that God also made the Gospel message firm and steadfast to them through works where His mighty power was clearly discernible and the distribution of free gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Thoughts: In this passage, the author states that God proved the truthfulness of His Gospel message by enabling His divine messengers to perform miraculous deeds. I occasionally envy those who experienced the early growth of the church, as they witnessed many miraculous deeds and clearly saw God as their source. I also occasionally wish that God would continue to perform miraculous deeds today – especially in First World countries – to reinforce our faith in Him. I am then reminded of the scoffers and doubters during the earthly ministry of Jesus, who may have responded to his miracles as follows:

  • “the disciples didn’t really see Jesus walking on the water; since they were extremely tired, they were prone to hallucinations”
  • “Jesus didn’t really feed the five thousand by multiplying loaves and fishes; the disciples concocted this tale to bolster Jesus’ standing in the early church”
  • “Jesus didn’t really raise Lazarus from the dead; the mourners in Bethany were so distraught that they began to see visions”

Thus, if God performed miraculous deeds today – especially in First World countries – there is no guarantee that people would recognize their divine origin. They would likely attempt to find a logical explanation for those actions that did not rely on the existence of God. Thus, as modern-day believers, we cannot rely on miracles to bolster our faith; we need to discern the more subtle methods that God employs to advance His kingdom plan.



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