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Jesus Greater than Moses March 18, 2015

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Here are my thoughts on Hebrews 3:1-6.

Summary: The author begins by exhorting his readers, who:

  • are in the family of God
  • are being sanctified
  • have been drawn to Christ by God Himself

to rationally consider the person and work of Christ in light of his preceding teaching; indeed, they have professed that Christ is a divine messenger and represents them before God. This will help them see that Christ was faithful to God, who designated Him as His divine messenger; Christ was at least as faithful as Moses was in God’s church. Now Christ is worthy of more glory than Moses; the author supports this point by citing the analogy of a house depending on a builder for its existence. Indeed, any house must have a builder; in particular, God’s church was built by Christ. Also, while Moses was faithful in testifying about the Gospel message as a member of God’s church, Christ was faithful in His role, where He has supreme authority over God’s church. The author concludes by telling his readers that they are members of God’s church – as long as they boldly and openly profess that this is the case.

Thoughts: In this passage, the author refers to the church as “God’s house.” Owen offers some insights on this point in his commentary on verse 6:

Believers are Christ’s house in three ways. First, because Christ lives in them by his Spirit. Hence they are called “living stones,” and on him they are built into a “spiritual house”…Christ dwells in them in this way…Second, they are cemented and united like the temple long ago…Third, Christ lives among them as they worship together…

This passage caused me to ponder the fact that Christ dwells in every believer. Indeed, believers offer rather unpleasant homes for God to dwell in, as the Holy Spirit must battle with our sinful nature, as seen in Romans 7:7-25. The Holy Spirit desires to “make himself at home” in our hearts, yet the other occupant of our hearts – our sinful nature – earnestly desires to evict Him. One must wonder how the Holy Spirit can condescend to dwell in a spiritual house that is marked by constant strife. Somehow the Holy Spirit knows that as time passes, He will gain control of our hearts and evict our sinful nature. This long-term perspective is worthy of our consideration, and indeed it gives us hope while we struggle with the fact that our hearts are not perfect homes for the Holy Spirit. Of course, we should also consider what we can do to improve the “living conditions” of the Holy Spirit.



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