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Prologue November 11, 2015

Posted by flashbuzzer in Books, Christianity.
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I’ve recently started reading through the Book of Revelation with the aid of a commentary by Matthew Henry. I should note that I’ve previously read through Revelation. As in my recent stroll through the book of James, I hope to comprehend Revelation as a whole. In particular, I would like to sharpen my understanding as to how the superiority of Jesus Christ should compel me to live a committed, holy life in a sinful world.

I plan to blog about this experience as I read through both this book and Henry’s commentary. Each post will correspond to a specific section in the NIV translation.

For starters, here are my thoughts on Revelation 1:1-3.

Summary: In this passage, the apostle John states that Jesus Christ has given him a divine revelation concerning events that are at hand. He also states that those who hear this revelation and respond to it appropriately are blessed.

Thoughts: This passage is arguably the touchstone of this book, as it introduces its source and pronounces a blessing on those who heed its words. Thus, when we struggle to comprehend the meaning of 666 or wonder why John discusses beasts and dragons in this book, we must remember that this book was essentially dictated by Jesus Christ Himself through his servant John. We must not attempt to ignore or downplay the visions and symbols in this book; instead, we should make an honest effort to determine what God the Son was communicating to John’s original audience through these visions and symbols. Moreover, we must make an honest effort to determine how we should respond to this book.



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