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To the Church in Ephesus November 20, 2015

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 2:1-7.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus Christ commands John to write to the minister of the church in Ephesus. In particular, He commends them for their zeal for pure doctrine and their perseverance under persecution. Yet He rebukes them for losing their “first love” and states that if they do not repent of this sin, then they will be eternally separated from Him. Indeed, He promises that those who overcome both internal and external sins will enjoy eternal fellowship with Him.

Thoughts: I must admit that I am baffled as to why Christ rebuked the church in Ephesus for losing their “first love.” This passage indicates that they are known for their “deeds” along with their “hard work” and “perseverance.” Moreover, they “have endured hardships” for the sake of Christ, and they “have not grown weary” in this regard. I would assume that many churches throughout history would not have received these commendations from Christ, as it can be difficult to guard against the influence of false teachers and their veneer of orthodoxy. How could Christ have found fault with this church? I certainly hope to meet the Ephesians in the next life and learn how they responded to this letter. Did they immediately accept the rebuke of their Lord and Savior, or did they struggle to reconcile it with their good deeds?



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