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To the Church in Smyrna November 23, 2015

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 2:8-11.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus Christ commands John to write to the minister of the church in Smyrna. In particular, He commends them for their spiritual wealth – even though they are destitute. He also steels them to face impending persecution. Indeed, He promises that those who overcome persecution will never die a spiritual death.

Thoughts: I certainly hope to meet the believers from the church in Smyrna in the next life and learn how they responded to this letter. I hope to ply them with queries such as:

  • who were the Jews who opposed them in Smyrna?
  • why were they imprisoned?
  • who persecuted them in Smyrna?
  • did that persecution last for ten days?

I should also note that they are a paragon for modern-day believers, since they stored up spiritual riches even though they lacked worldly riches. Indeed, we should focus on reducing our attachment to worldly wealth and increasing our attachment to spiritual wealth. This is a challenging task for believers in First World nations – yet we know that God can help us overcome the snare of worldly wealth.



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