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To the Church in Thyatira December 4, 2015

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 2:18-29.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus Christ commands John to write to the minister of the church in Thyatira. In particular, He commends them for their good deeds. Yet He rebukes them for condoning the actions of those who are idolatrous and sexually immoral; moreover, He states that He will punish those who commit those sins. Indeed, He promises that those who do not condone idolatry and sexual immorality will:

  • be able to rule over the nations
  • receive assistance from Christ in this regard.

Thoughts: I certainly hope to meet the believers from the church in Thyatira in the next life and learn how they responded to this letter. I hope to ply them with queries such as:

  • who was Jezebel?
  • were any members of their church idolatrous and/or sexually immoral?
  • was it difficult for them to take a stand against idolatry and sexual immorality?

We see some interesting parallels between this letter and the letter to the church in Pergamum. In particular, both churches are commended by Christ:

  • He praises the deeds of the believers in Thyatira
  • He praises the believers in Pergamum for refusing to commit apostasy.

Yet both churches are rebuked by Christ for their tolerance of idolatry and sexual immorality. We can infer that Christ wants believers to take a stand against the sins that are inherent to their zeitgeist; He demands more from believers who merely do good deeds and refuse to renounce their faith. This is a challenging point for me, as I prefer to avoid “ruffling feathers” by condemning the sins of my peers. When I have an impulse to take a stand against the sins of others, I consider my shortcomings; those thoughts cause me to remain silent – lest I be characterized as a hypocrite. Thus, I need to pray for God’s wisdom and strength so that I can be obedient in this regard; I need to know how to properly condemn the sins of my peers, even if my words and deeds along these lines incur their wrath.



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