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The Throne in Heaven December 16, 2015

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 4.

Summary: In this passage, John has a magnificent vision of God the Father – seated on His throne in heaven. His throne is surrounded by:

  • twenty-four elders who are also seated on thrones
  • four living creatures.

The elders and the living creatures engage in ceaseless praise of His excellence.

Thoughts: When I first heard Revelation Song at my old church several years ago, I was overwhelmed by its lyrics. Verses such as “Blessing and honor strength and glory and power be/To You the only wise King” and “Jesus Your name is power, breath and living water/Such a marvelous mystery” are replete with sublime adjectives that are difficult to contemplate as one sings them. Recently I have made more of an effort to scrutinize the lyrics of the songs that I hear on Sunday mornings and assess their theological merit or lack thereof (this is admittedly a perilous exercise as I am relying on my current understanding of the Bible). As far as I can tell, the lyrics of this song are theologically sound; thus, I am always excited whenever it appears in the Sunday worship set at my church. I certainly hope to meet Jennie Lee Riddle at some point and learn how God inspired her to craft these timeless lyrics.

I am also curious as to what John thought as he witnessed this marvelous scene. If I had experienced this vision, I am certain that I would have passed out due to sensory overload. Indeed, this scene is so far removed from our earthly experiences that I would have been unable to comprehend it. In light of this reality, what can we learn from this passage? One thought is that since we have a sublime and omnipotent God, we should be firm in our resolve to worship Him on a daily basis. If the elders and the living creatures engage in ceaseless praise of His excellence, we must also strive to reach a state where we are constantly giving Him “glory and honor and power” with our words and our deeds.



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