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The Seventh Seal and the Golden Censer January 14, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 8:1-5.

Summary: In this passage, John observes God the Son opening the seventh seal for the scroll that He has received from His Father. After a prolonged silence, seven angels are given seven trumpets. Another angel stands at the altar before the throne of God and uses a golden censer to offer incense – and the prayers of believers – to God. This angel then fills his censer with fire from the altar and hurls it upon the earth – with a spectacular result.

Thoughts: This passage reminds us that God does hear the prayers of persecuted believers. Henry offers some thoughts on this point in his commentary on verse 5:

These were the answers God gave to the prayers of the saints and the tokens of his anger against the world, denoting that he would do great things to avenge himself and his people of their enemies. Now all things are ready, and the angels carry out their duty.

While believers endure persecution, they naturally wonder:

  • does God hear my prayers?
  • is God willing to answer my prayers?
  • is God able to answer my prayers?

This passage provides affirmative answers to all three of these questions; this stems from the fact that the actions of persecutors are unrighteous and unjust. God cannot let unrighteousness and injustice go unpunished; if persecutors do not seek the forgiveness of Christ, then God will punish them for their actions. Modern-day believers who experience intense persecution can draw strength from this passage as they continue to honor God and patiently wait on Him.



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