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The Angel and the Little Scroll January 20, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 10.

Summary: In this passage, John observes a mighty angel descending from heaven. This angel holds a little scroll in his hand; seven thunders respond to his voice – yet John is not allowed to record their response. The angel swears by God Himself that His mystery will be accomplished. John is commanded to take the little scroll from the angel and eat it; it is sweet in his mouth – though sour in his stomach. John is commanded to continue prophesying.

Thoughts: In verses 9 and 10, we see that it was difficult for John to “digest” a little scroll from a mighty angel. It could be argued that it was difficult for John to digest the contents of the entire letter, since we have already encountered the following prophecies:

  • believers will experience intense persecution; moreover, some of them will be put to death for their faith
  • God will punish unbelievers for their refusal to repent of their deeds; in particular, some of them will be tortured and put to death
  • the physical world will be (partially) destroyed; life on earth will be irrevocably altered.

This passage also caused me to think of other passages from Scripture that are relatively difficult to digest, such as:

  • Joshua 6, which includes the destruction of an entire city and its inhabitants (except for Rahab and her family)
  • Psalm 137, which apparently includes approval of infanticide
  • Matthew 24, which includes a plethora of apocalyptic images.

As believers, we must be willing to wrestle with these passages – as opposed to only reading those passages that appear to be compatible with our culture. God has given us His (entire) Word, and He calls us to hold to His attributes – including holiness, sovereignty and love – as we read through all of it. Moreover, He calls us to wrestle with His complexity and grow in our limited understanding of Him through this endeavor.



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