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The Two Witnesses January 22, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 11:1-14.

Summary: In this passage, John is commanded to:

  • use a measuring rod to measure the temple of God and its altar
  • count the worshipers in the temple
  • refrain from measuring the outer court.

God reveals that He will empower His two witnesses to prophesy for 1260 days; to this end, He will grant them miraculous powers. They will then be killed, and those in Jerusalem whom they have prophesied against will taunt their bodies. Yet God will raise them up after three-and-a-half days and enable them to ascend to heaven. He will then strike Jerusalem with a great earthquake, killing many of those who taunted the bodies of the two witnesses.

Thoughts: This passage is replete with Old Testament references, including Ezekiel 40 and Zecharaiah 4. Its overall message is timeless, though; the pastor at my old church provides an excellent summary in one of his devotionals:

So, putting it all together, what is John’s take on martyrs of faithful? First, that God will protect his church for eternity, even if some of us get knocked around a bit before then. Secondly, those who stand for God are the latest in the line of godly heroes stretching back to ancient times: Joshua and Zerubbabel, Moses and Elijah, Peter and Paul. Thirdly, death cannot befall God’s witnesses except in his timing, once their task is fulfilled. Fourthly, God will vindicate those who die for him, and avenge their suffering. Martyrdom is a fierce threat to the suffering church, and a great grief to those who survive, but it is under the jurisdiction of God who makes all things right in the end.



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