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The Seventh Trumpet January 26, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 11:15-19.

Summary: In this passage, John observes the seventh angel blowing the trumpet that he has received; this trumpet blast heralds a doxology in heaven regarding the perpetual reign of God over the world. The twenty-four elders who surround God on their thrones join in this doxology; they proclaim that He will exercise His authority as the ruler of the world by:

  • rewarding those who have not denied His name
  • punishing those who have denied His name.

God then displays His power over the natural world.

Thoughts: In this passage, we see a heavenly celebration of the reign of God over the world. Henry offers some insights on this point in his commentary on verse 15:

(1) They thankfully recognize the right of our God and Savior to rule and reign over all the world…This was always so in title, both by creation and by purchase.

(2) They give Christ thanks because he has asserted his rights, exerted his power, and so turned title into possession.

(3) They rejoice that his reign will never end…Nobody will ever take the scepter from his hand.

The Scriptures indicate that at the end of time, everyone – including the living and the dead – will acknowledge the reign of God over the world. Yet this passage indicates that those who acknowledge His reign before the end of time will be rewarded – while everyone else will be punished. As believers, we must consider how our words and deeds align with the reality of God reigning over the world. Do we truly acknowledge that He reigns over the world – and that He reigns over us? Do we subconsciously assert that we reign over our lives – including our careers, our families and our health? This passage should spur us to regularly meditate on the reality of God’s reign over the world and yield to His control of our lives.



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