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The Woman and the Dragon January 29, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 12:1-13:1a.

Summary: In this passage, John observes a woman in heaven who gives birth to a male child; this child will reign over the world. A red dragon fails in an attempt to kill this child, who is then taken up to the throne of God; meanwhile, the woman flees to the desert. A heavenly conflict ensues between the dragon (and his angels) and Michael (and his angels); the dragon and his angels are defeated, though, and they are cast down to the earth. The dragon is furious; he then launches several unsuccessful attacks on the woman in the desert. The dragon is now enraged, and he prepares to launch attacks on believers.

Thoughts: The highlights of this passage – from my perspective – occur in:

  • verse 8, where it is noted that the dragon “was not strong enough”
  • verse 11, where it is noted that believers “overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”

This passage demonstrates that Satan actively fights against believers; he is the most powerful, crafty and ruthless adversary that we will ever encounter. Normally this would be cause for great concern on our part; how could we even attempt to withstand his attacks, given that he can outsmart us and overpower us at will? Thankfully, we have an omnipotent, good and gracious ally – Christ, who has already defeated Satan via His death and resurrection. He has also guaranteed us that we will join Him in this eternal victorious state – as long as we maintain our faith in Him. Thus, this passage offers us further encouragement to hold fast to our faith as we struggle with the reality of Satan’s work in this fallen world.


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