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The Three Angels February 10, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 14:6-13.

Summary: In this passage, John observes:

  • one angel – who calls the world to worship God before He judges all unbelievers
  • a second angel – who proclaims the demise of Babylon the Great
  • a third angel – who declares that those who worship the beast out of the sea will face the wrath of God; he also exhorts all believers to maintain their faith.

The Holy Spirit then confirms that any believer who passes away – without committing apostasy – will be blessed.

Thoughts: This is a challenging passage, as it clearly distinguishes the fates of:

  • those “who obey God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus,” as they are “blessed” and “will rest from their labor”
  • everyone else, as they “will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb.”

I conjecture that any believer who endures persecution for their faith is strongly tempted to renounce their faith – thereby reaping the short-term benefits of apostasy. Persecuted believers know that if they maintain their faith, they may:

  • lose their possessions (e.g. job, home)
  • be reduced to begging for food and drink
  • lose their families
  • lose their lives.

Yet God calls all believers – especially those who endure persecution – to maintain their faith; in this way, they exchange the short-term benefits of apostasy for the long-term benefits of salvation. We must rely on the Holy Spirit for His requisite assistance as we struggle to live out our long-term priorities; without His help, we would certainly exchange them for short-term priorities.



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