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Seven Angels with Seven Plagues February 17, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 15.

Summary: In this passage, John observes those believers whom God has granted victory over the beast out of the sea. These believers sing a doxology – where they declare that all nations will worship Him. Seven angels with seven plagues then emerge from the temple in heaven. One of the four living creatures gives them seven golden bowls so that they can dispense the wrath of God; God then fills the temple in heaven with His glory and power.

Thoughts: Here, we see that persecuted believers who continue to worship God will have “harps given them by God,” and they will sing “the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the Lamb.” Clearly, modern-day believers who endure state-sponsored persecution – yet maintain their faith – are assured of receiving these rewards. As a believer in a First World country, though, I wonder if I have the same assurance. Will the pleasures of money, food and technology divert my attention from God? How can I resist the temptation to worship anything other than God Himself? Along these lines, how can I worship God on a daily basis? I think that all believers in First World countries should ponder these questions and focus on living a life that will culminate in a shared victory – with our persecuted brethren – over the beast out of the sea.



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