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The Woman on the Beast February 23, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 17.

Summary: In this passage, one of the angels who has dispensed the wrath of God shows John the great prostitute; she sits on a beast, and she displays her finery. It is noted that she causes the world to commit adultery with her; moreover, she has caused the death of many believers. Initially, John fails to divine the meaning of the beast; thus, the angel tells him that the beast – and his heads and horns – represent ruling authorities who reign over all unbelievers. The beast will attempt to defeat God the Son – and His followers – yet he will fail. The angel also asserts that the beast – and his heads and horns – will attack and destroy the great prostitute – according to the will of God.

Thoughts: Spiritual adultery is a major theme in this passage, and this spurred me to ponder the spiritual purity of modern-day believers. In particular, I believe that the spiritual purity of a modern-day believer is related to their time management skills:

  • Do we allow technology to master us – or do we master technology? Do we mainly use our smartphones for mobile gaming – or do we use them to inform, inspire, connect and equip?
  • What are our hobbies? Are they particularly time-consuming? Can our hobbies advance God’s kingdom?
  • Do we allow our careers to master us – or do we master our careers? Since we typically spend a sizable chunk of each weekday at work, are we honoring God during that time block?

The path to maintaining spiritual purity was clear to John’s original readers – they simply had to avoid worshiping the Roman emperor; of course, they could lose their lives in the process. While the path to maintaining spiritual purity may be less clear to modern-day believers, I hope that my thoughts can be useful in this regard. I should also note that I struggle with time management, and I have a lot of room for improvement.

Verse 14 is a timely reminder of God’s sovereignty – even over the most powerful forces – as “he is Lord of lords and King of kings.” Modern-day believers are still being persecuted by powerful entities such as the Chinese government and Islamic State. Yet this verse reminds us that regardless of their worldly power, our invisible God is their Ruler. Moreover, He is the Ruler of all spiritual forces – including Satan himself. This reality should spur us on as we demonstrate the fact that we are counted among “his called, chosen and faithful followers.”



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