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Jesus is Coming March 22, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Revelation 22:7-21.

Summary: In this passage, God the Son declares that:

  • He is coming soon
  • those who heed His warnings in this book will be blessed, as they will be able to 1) enter the Holy City, 2) partake of the tree of life and 3) partake of the water of life
  • those who do not heed His warnings in this book will be punished, as they will be 1) excluded from the Holy City, 2) excluded from the tree of life and 3) afflicted with many plagues
  • He is the ultimate author of this book.

John also declares that he is the human author of this book. He concludes by praying that his readers would receive the unmerited favor of God as they anticipate the coming of God the Son.

Thoughts: This book demonstrates that those who refuse to worship God and hold to His testimony will be punished. Indeed, Christ promises to judge unrepentant sinners by:

  • removing a lampstand from its place
  • fighting against His opponents with the sword of His mouth
  • casting Jezebel on a bed of suffering
  • causing those who commit adultery with Jezebel to suffer intensely
  • striking down the children of Jezebel
  • coming like a thief
  • spitting them out of His mouth
  • trampling them in the great winepress of His wrath
  • causing them to experience physical anguish
  • destroying the world.

While we are conditioned to seek short-term pleasures, God repeatedly warns us that indulgence in short-term pleasures will have long-term consequences. Thus, we must continue to heed His warnings in this book and worship Him – even in the midst of difficult circumstances (e.g. persecution).

This book also demonstrates that those who worship God and hold to His testimony will be rewarded. Indeed, Christ promises to reward His true followers by granting them:

  • the right to eat from the tree of life
  • the crown of life
  • preservation from the second death
  • some of the hidden manna
  • a white stone with a new name written on it that will only be revealed to its recipient
  • authority over the nations
  • the morning star
  • white clothes
  • His acknowledgment before His Father and His angels
  • preservation from the hour of trial that will come upon the world
  • a pillar in the temple of God – with His name and the name of His city written on it
  • the right to sit with Him on His throne.

While these rewards may appear somewhat abstract as we live in this material world, God repeatedly calls us to meditate upon them and live holy lives that are worthy of them. On a personal note, I have been greatly encouraged by my stroll through this book, and I pray that I would be able to live a holy life that is worthy of these rewards – with God Himself being the greatest reward.



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