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The Believers’ Prayer May 6, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Acts 4:23-31.

Summary: In this passage, Peter and John rejoined their fellow believers and recounted their meeting with the Sanhedrin. This spurred the believers to pray to God, where they:

  • declared that people have always opposed Him and the Messiah – as evidenced by Psalm 2:1-2 and recent events concerning Jesus
  • appealed to His sovereignty in light of this opposition
  • asked Him for the strength to preach the Gospel message – and perform miracles to authenticate it.

God responded to their prayer in a mighty way; thus, they were able to boldly proclaim the Gospel message.

Thoughts: It is amazing that the believers in the early church were willing to boldly proclaim the Gospel message and bring glory to God – even in the face of threats from the Jewish aristocracy. My conjecture is that they knew that they had to decrease in order for God to increase. Thus, they viewed the threats of the Jewish aristocracy as verbal assaults on God Himself – as opposed to assaults on their standing in their community. As modern-day believers, we should also strive to magnify God in our lives – while avoiding the temptation to protect our reputation at all costs. If others insult us for adhering to “blind faith,” we should remember that Jesus had many opponents while He conducted His earthly ministry; why should we shun the insults that our Master endured?



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