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The Apostles Heal Many May 15, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Acts 5:12-16.

Summary: In this passage, the apostles continued to perform miracles, such as:

  • Peter healing the sick by merely allowing his shadow to fall on them
  • driving out tormenting, evil spirits.

Also, the church continued meeting at the temple in Jerusalem, and it grew rapidly.

Thoughts: When I first read this passage, I was baffled by an apparent contradiction between verses 13 and 14: were people actually accepting the Gospel message? Calvin offers some insights on this point in his commentary on verse 13:

A second consequence of the miracles was that unbelievers were so convinced about God’s amazing power that they did not dare to ignore the apostles. Quite the reverse: they were forced to honor the church…Anyone who does not reach the point of willingly embracing God’s grace, which is so evident in the miracles, is held back through a guilty conscience.

Calvin’s insights spurred me to consider this question: do unbelievers affirm the reality of miracles? At least some would argue that since all phenomena can be explained by science, miracles are figments of our imagination. Others may affirm the reality of miracles while ascribing them to some entity other than God Himself. Now Christians affirm the reality of miracles – yet we, to varying degrees, battle our inner doubts along these lines. We definitely need strength from God Himself to remain open to the possibility of miracles in this day and age. Perhaps this video will offer some encouragement for us in this regard.


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