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Stephen Seized June 3, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Acts 6:8-15.

Summary: In this passage, Stephen performed many miracles and signs. Yet he was opposed by several Jews from sundry parts of the Roman Empire, as they:

  • made several futile attempts to disprove his presentation of the Gospel message
  • then resorted to the underhanded tactic of accusing him of blasphemy.

He was then charged with advocating the:

  • destruction of the temple in Jerusalem
  • abolition of the Mosaic law.

His face had the appearance of that of an angel at his subsequent trial before the Sanhedrin.

Thoughts: I wonder how the Jews in this passage attempted to disprove Stephen’s presentation of the Gospel message. Perhaps their position could be summarized as follows:

  • the Old Testament passages predict the arrival of a political – not a spiritual – Messiah
  • since the Jews were still vassals of the Roman emperor, the Messiah had not arrived
  • consequently, Jesus of Nazareth could not be the promised Messiah.

Although Stephen repeatedly debunked their arguments, I assume that they refused to yield any ground; otherwise, their consciences would have been seared when they gathered false witnesses against him. Did these Jews eventually accept the validity of the Gospel message? I certainly hope that they saw the error of their ways after they put another innocent man to death.



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