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The Church Persecuted and Scattered June 12, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Acts 8:1b-3.

Summary: In this passage, the Jewish aristocracy fomented persecution of the church in Jerusalem – spurring many believers to flee to other parts of Judea and Samaria. Saul played a key role in this campaign of persecution, as he arrested many believers.

Thoughts: We see that the Jewish aristocracy completely disregarded the advice of Gamaliel regarding the Gospel message. The nature of their response to the Word – including murdering Stephen and fomenting persecution of the believers in Jerusalem – reflected their misguided zeal for God. Indeed, they believed that they were honoring Him by punishing those who were:

  • spreading a false doctrine concerning Him
  • accusing them of murdering Jesus of Nazareth – when they had simply punished that blasphemer for rebelling against their righteous authority and inciting others to follow His lead.

In the rest of this book, we will see how God displayed His sovereignty by utilizing the misguided zeal of the Jews to fulfill His Kingdom plan; whenever they opposed His Word, it continued to advance.



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