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Barnabas and Saul Sent Off August 4, 2016

Posted by flashbuzzer in Books, Christianity.
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Here are my thoughts on Acts 13:1-3.

Summary: In this passage, the church in Antioch publicly confirmed God’s commission for Barnabas and Saul to preach the Gospel message to the Gentiles. Barnabas and Saul then left Antioch.

Thoughts: I hope to meet Simeon called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene and Manaen in the next life and learn more about them. How did they initially hear the Gospel message? Did they accept it with alacrity, or did they harbor doubts regarding its veracity? Why was Simeon also referred to as Niger? What compelled Lucius to leave Cyrene and travel to Antioch? What compelled Manaen to leave the household of Herod and travel to Antioch? Did they enjoy serving with Barnabas and Saul in the church in Antioch? How did they sense that the Holy Spirit was calling Barnabas and Saul to leave Antioch? How did they serve that church after that event?



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