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On Cyprus August 13, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Acts 13:4-12.

Summary: In this passage, Barnabas and Saul traveled with John Mark from Antioch to Salamis via Seleucia. They preached the Gospel message in the Jewish synagogues in Salamis. They then traveled throughout Cyprus until they reached Paphos, where they attempted to preach the Gospel message to a proconsul named Sergius Paulus. Although they were opposed by a Jewish sorceror named Elymas, the Holy Spirit worked through Saul – who was also called Paul – to strike Elymas with blindness; this miracle helped Sergius Paulus to believe the Gospel message.

Thoughts: I hope to meet Sergius Paulus in the next life and learn more about him. How did he become the proconsul of Cyprus? What challenges did he face while serving in that capacity? How did he meet Elymas, and how did Elymas become one of his attendants? Why did Luke note his intelligence in verse 7? What was his worldview before he met Elymas (and before he met Paul and Barnabas)? Would he have believed the Gospel message if Paul had not blinded Elymas? How did his life glorify God after the events of this passage?



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