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In Iconium August 20, 2016

Posted by flashbuzzer in Books, Christianity.
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Here are my thoughts on Acts 14:1-7.

Summary: In this passage, Paul and Barnabas traveled from Pisidan Antioch to Iconium. They then preached the Gospel message in the Jewish synagogue and performed many miracles to support it. They reaped a large harvest, as many Jews and Gentiles believed it. Yet others refused to accept it and planned to kill them. Paul and Barnabas learned of this plot and fled from Iconium; they continued to preach the Gospel message throughout Lycaonia.

Thoughts: I am eager to meet the Jewish and Gentile believers from Iconium in the next life and learn more about them. How did they come to believe in the God of the Old Testament? Had they heard of Paul and Barnabas before they arrived in Iconium? What were their thoughts and emotions as they heard the Gospel message for the first time? How did the Jewish believers overcome the inherent Jewish bias against the Gospel message? How did they respond to the miracles that Paul and Barnabas performed? How did they maintain their faith in Christ after Paul and Barnabas were forced to flee their city?



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