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Priscilla, Aquila and Apollos October 14, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Acts 18:18-28.

Summary: In this passage, Paul left Corinth and traveled with Priscilla and Aquila to Ephesus. After he preached the Gospel message in that city, he traveled to Antioch in Syria. Later, he traveled to Galatia and Phrygia, strengthening the disciples in that region.

Meanwhile, a Jew named Apollos built on the work that Paul had begun in Ephesus; he was assisted in that regard by Priscilla and Aquila, who sharpened his understanding of the Gospel message. He exercised his gift of public speaking by eloquently stating and defending the Gospel message in that city and in Corinth. In particular, he repeatedly used the Old Testament to prove that Jesus was the Christ.

Thoughts: In verse 20, we see that the Jews in Ephesus did not immediately reject the Gospel message when Paul presented it to them. Calvin offers some thoughts on this point:

Luke shows that they listened to him more patiently in this synagogue than anywhere else and asked him to stay; so it is surprising he did not agree. Presumably, as I said before, he had some strong reason to go to Jerusalem quickly. There is no doubt that when he had settled things in Ephesus he left them amicably, and they seem to have accepted his excuse.

Why did the Jews in Ephesus ask Paul “to spend more time with them?” Did the Holy Spirit influence these Ephesian Jews, enabling them to listen to Paul with open minds? Was Ephesus known for encouraging open and honest debate between adherents to disparate worldviews? Did Paul modify his presentation of the Gospel message after enduring countless rejections by Jews throughout the Roman Empire?

This passage introduces us to Apollos and describes the role that he played in spreading the Gospel message. I hope to meet him in the next life and learn more about him. When did he realize that he had the gift of public speaking? How had he “been instructed in the way of the Lord,” especially since he was from Alexandria? How did God lead him from Alexandria to Ephesus? How did he respond to Priscilla and Aquila’s explanation of the Gospel message? What were his thoughts and emotions as the Jews in Ephesus and Corinth attempted to refute his arguments? Did he meet Paul in this life? How did he glorify God after the events of this passage?



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