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Eutychus Raised From the Dead at Troas October 28, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Acts 20:7-12.

Summary: In this passage, the believers at Troas gathered in an upstairs room to celebrate the Eucharist. Paul preached to them through the night, as he intended to depart on the following day. At some point, a young man named Eutychus fell asleep – and fell out of a window to his death. Yet God – through Paul – raised him to life; that miracle greatly encouraged the believers in Troas.

Thoughts: Here, we see that Eutychus was raised from the dead by God. Calvin offers some thoughts on this point in his commentary on verse 9:

I see no reason why some interpreters should be so hard on the young man’ [sic] drowsiness as to say that he was punished by death. We may guess that he did not settle down to go to sleep but was overcome by sleep, having fought against it for a long time. Moreover, the Lord intended to awaken the faith of his people not only by Eutychus’ sleep, but by his death. Then they would receive Paul’s teaching more joyfully and keep it deeply rooted in their minds.

I am eager to meet Eutychus in the next life and learn more about him. Was he born and raised in Troas? What was his occupation at that time? How did he encounter the Gospel message? Did he accept it with alacrity, or did he harbor doubts concerning its veracity? What were his thoughts and emotions after he was resurrected? How did he honor God after the events of this passage?



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