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Paul the Roman Citizen November 20, 2016

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Here are my thoughts on Acts 22:22-29.

Summary: In this passage, those who had clamored for the death of Paul before his speech renewed their calls for him to be executed – forcing the commander of the Roman troops in Jerusalem to bring him into the barracks. The Roman commander blundered, though, by ordering that Paul be flogged and interrogated to determine the cause of the uproar. In particular, Paul was a Roman citizen; thus, flogging him would have been a capital offense. The Roman commander and his centurion were apprised of this fact; thus, they did not flog him.

Thoughts: This passage spurred me to ponder the sovereignty of God – as He ordered events before the birth of Paul so that he would be a natural-born Roman citizen. In particular, He caused the following events:

  • Paul’s Greek father met and married his Jewish mother
  • Paul’s parents settled in Tarsus in Cilicia, where he was born.

Clearly Paul’s Roman citizenship protected him from great harm on several occasions, including his encounter with the Philippian authorities and his interaction with the Roman commander in this passage. Indeed, God ordained his Roman citizenship to enable him to travel to Rome – where he would preach the Gospel message and fulfill his role in His sovereign plan.



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