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The Plot to Kill Paul December 3, 2016

Posted by flashbuzzer in Books, Christianity.
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Here are my thoughts on Acts 23:12-22.

Summary: In this passage, several Jews hatched a plot to kill Paul. They advised the Sanhedrin to petition the commander of the Roman troops in Jerusalem for another meeting with Paul; they planned to ambush him while he was being transported to that meeting. Yet Paul’s nephew learned of their plot, and he relayed that information to the commander.

Thoughts: Here, we learn that Paul had a nephew. I would like to learn more about him (and meet him in the next life). Where was he born and raised? How did he – and his relatives – react to the news that his uncle had become a Christian? Did he accompany his uncle on any of his missionary journeys – and if so, how did he react to the attacks on his uncle by a plethora of unbelievers? What were his thoughts and emotions as he learned of the Jewish plot to kill his uncle? What were his thoughts and emotions as he met the commander? How did he live after the events of this passage?



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