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The Storm January 5, 2017

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Here are my thoughts on Acts 27:13-26.

Summary: In this passage, Paul and his companions were buffeted by a violent storm as they sailed along the coast of Crete. The storm almost caused their ship to disintegrate; in order to save it, they discarded their cargo and the tackle. When the storm refused to abate, they began to lose hope – yet Paul exhorted them to continue battling it, asserting that God would deliver them from it (since He planned for him to stand trial before Caesar in Rome).

Thoughts: Here, we see that Paul and his companions were beset by a hurricane. I must admit that I have difficulty relating to their struggles in this passage, as I rarely travel by sea. I do occasionally travel by air, though, and this passage reminded me of a eventful flight to Houston several years ago. On that occasion, we had to pass through a thunderstorm on our final approach. The ensuing turbulence led to a bout of nausea; I was extremely grateful to God when we landed safely. Indeed, one of God’s attributes is His immutable sovereignty over nature.

In verse 21, we see that Paul and his companions did not eat for a prolonged stretch as they battled the hurricane. When I meet them in the next life, I would like to learn how they resisted the storm on empty stomachs. Were they fueled by adrenaline as fierce waves crashed onto the deck of their ship? Were some of them on the verge of death? Did God give Paul supernatural strength to exhort his companions – just as He gave His Son supernatural strength to resist the temptations of Satan after His baptism? Also, I assume that they drank fresh water during the storm; how did they preserve their supply of fresh water at that time?



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