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Ashore on Malta January 11, 2017

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Here are my thoughts on Acts 28:1-10.

Summary: In this passage, Paul and his companions found that they had landed on the island of Malta. During their sojourn in Malta, God:

  • protected Paul from the venom of a viper
  • enabled Paul to heal the father of the chief Maltese official, Publius
  • enabled Paul to heal the rest of the sick Maltese.

The Maltese responded by blessing Paul and his companions in sundry ways.

Thoughts: In verse 4, we see that the Maltese inferred that Paul was a criminal when he was bitten by a viper. Calvin offers some thoughts on this point:

We must not make hasty judgments of people we do not know, based only on what happens to them. God punishes the good as well as the bad, and it often happens that he spares the reprobate and punishes his own people severely. If we are to judge aright, we must begin by asking about people’s lives and actions.

This caused me to consider a tangentially related point – I tend to render snap judgments. For example, when I interact with employees at fast-food restaurants, I instinctively view them with an air of superiority. I know that such thoughts are contrary to God’s desires – yet my instincts lead to those thoughts. Perhaps my sinful nature has warped my mind to the extent that my instincts reflect my inherent prejudices. If that is the case, then I must rely on the Holy Spirit to immediately reject those snap judgments and attempt to formulate more mature and reasoned thoughts (e.g. what are the issues facing employees at fast-food restaurants, and how can I alleviate those issues).



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