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Arrival at Rome January 14, 2017

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Here are my thoughts on Acts 28:11-16.

Summary: In this passage, Paul and his companions sailed from Malta to Puteoli via Syracuse and Rhegium. After spending a week with some fellow believers, they finally arrived in Rome. There, they were welcomed by some other believers; Paul was encouraged by that act of kindness on their part.

Thoughts: In verse 15, we see that Paul was encouraged by the fact that some of the believers in Rome greeted him upon his arrival. Calvin offers some thoughts on this point:

The brothers’ zeal and godly care are seen in their inquiring about Paul’s arrival and traveling to meet him. At that time the profession of the Christian faith brought hatred and could endanger life. And this was not just a matter of a few men running a personal risk – the whole church was affected. But they could not neglect their duty without being seen as reluctant and ungrateful; it would have been dreadful to neglect so great an apostle of Jesus Christ, especially since he was suffering for the common salvation.

I hope to meet these Roman believers in the next life and learn more about them. How did they first hear the Gospel message? Did they accept it with alacrity, or did they initially harbor doubts that were later addressed? How did they respond when the emperor Nero blamed them for The Great Fire of Rome? Did the Jews in Rome persecute them? How did they know that Paul was coming to Rome? What were their thoughts and feelings when they read Paul’s epistle to them? Did they attempt to preach the Gospel message in Rome? Was it difficult to live with integrity in a decadent city?



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