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The Covenant is Broken March 7, 2017

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Here are my thoughts on Jeremiah 11:1-17.

Summary: In this passage, God speaks through Jeremiah, reminding the people of Judah of the covenant that He made with their forefathers when He brought them out of Egypt. Since their forefathers broke that covenant, though, He cursed them according to its stipulations. The current generation has also broken that covenant by engaging in idolatry; thus, He promises to curse them according to its stipulations.

Thoughts: This passage caused me to ponder the Israelites’ response to the covenant that God made with them – including its plethora of curses. My hunch is that at least some of them complained to God regarding those curses; perhaps they asked, “O Lord, how could you bind us to a covenant that you know we cannot fulfill? One must be perfect in order to keep your decrees and commandments – yet you know that we are not perfect. Thus, these curses will fall on our heads!” If my hunch is correct, then I wonder how those Israelites lived. Did they curse God for laying an unbearable burden on their backs – and lead a life of sin? Or did they trust in His goodness and assume that He would be merciful to them? The New Testament indicates that those who adopted the latter approach – before the earthly ministry of Jesus – would have been saved. I wonder how the Holy Spirit moved in their hearts to seek His mercy…

In verse 15, we see that God rejected the insincere worship of His people, as they offered sacrifices to Him without confessing their idolatry to Him. Perhaps their idolatry had become habitual, as they went through the motions of outward worship while ignoring their inward depravity. As modern-day believers, we should consider whether we have major sins that have become habitual. Minor sins cannot be avoided, yet we must be careful lest we allow minor problems to morph into major issues. Vigilance in this regard is a lifelong process.



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