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Wineskins March 21, 2017

Posted by flashbuzzer in Books, Christianity.
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Here are my thoughts on Jeremiah 13:12-14.

Summary: In this passage, God speaks through Jeremiah, asserting that wineskins are a metaphor for the people of Jerusalem and Judah. They know that wineskins will be filled with wine; similarly, He will fill all of them with the consequences of their sins. He will not be merciful to them.

Thoughts: The Bible contains several passages where God makes an obvious statement to His audience – yet that assertion is used to reinforce a larger point regarding how they should live as His people. In this case, the people of Jerusalem and Judah fail to comprehend the connection between wineskins and their sinfulness; God will respond to the depth of their depravity by giving them over to it. As modern-day believers, we would do well to heed the teaching points in such passages; we must not allow the initial, apparently obvious, statements to dull the incisiveness of His core arguments.



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