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Keeping the Sabbath Holy April 6, 2017

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Here are my thoughts on Jeremiah 17:19-27.

Summary: In this passage, God commands Jeremiah to preach the following message at the gates of Jerusalem:

  • the people of Judah need to observe the Sabbath
  • if they obey this command, then He will maintain the preeminence of Jerusalem
  • if they disobey this command, then He will destroy Jerusalem.

Thoughts: Calvin offers some intriguing thoughts on this passage in his commentary on verses 19-21:

This discourse should be separated from the preceding one. Whoever divided the chapters was in my judgment deficient here, as well as in many other places.

Calvin’s thoughts led me to the following question: how was the Bible divided into chapters and verses? A quick Google search revealed links such as this one and this one. My conjecture is that many Christians have grown accustomed to the standard chapter-and-verse divisions; thus, removing them would do more harm than good. Yet we must not allow them to hamper our understanding of a given section of Scripture. Once we have used them to locate a particular passage, we must then attempt to ignore them if they might hinder our grasp of what God is saying in that particular case. One thought is that when one is preparing an inductive Bible study, they can omit the verse divisions in the handouts that contain the passage of interest.



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