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Treasures in Heaven December 23, 2017

Posted by flashbuzzer in Books, Christianity.
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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 6:19-24.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus states that His disciples should not love earthly possessions. Instead, He exhorts them to love others. He illustrates this point with the following analogy: just as the physical body is driven by the eyes, the spiritual body is driven by ambition. Thus, His disciples are confronted by this question: will they serve God, or will they serve wealth?

Thoughts: This passage caused me to ponder the following questions concerning earthly possessions:

  • Should a believer continually donate to worthy causes?
  • Should a believer’s will stipulate that their assets be liquidated and the proceeds donated to worthy causes?
  • What is a proper standard of living for a believer?
  • Along these lines, should a believer own a vehicle?
  • On a similar note, should a believer own real estate?

These are challenging questions, and I do not claim to have a satisfactory answer to any of them. While we know that we should not love earthly possessions, we struggle to understand this command in a modern context.


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