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The Man with Leprosy January 27, 2018

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 8:1-4.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus departs from the mountain where He has just preached the Sermon on the Mount. A leper approaches Him and declares His faith in Jesus’ ability to heal him. Jesus responds by healing him; He then tells him to obey the command in Leviticus 14:1-4.

Thoughts: My small group recently discussed the Transfiguration of Jesus. Each of us struggled to connect with the events in that passage, especially since we were not present on that dramatic occasion. Now I also struggle to connect with the events in this passage; while I believe that Jesus did heal this leper, I think that belief is closer to mere intellectual assent than a conviction. To help us overcome this stumbling block, one of the other group members posed the following queries:

  • How can we open our eyes to God and His work in today’s world?
  • Do we believe that He continues to perform miracles in our lives?
  • What constitutes a miracle in God’s eyes?

Indeed, if we believe that God does not perform miracles today, then we essentially attempt to place limits on His power and authority. We need the discerning – and humbling – power of the Holy Spirit to overcome our biases in this regard.



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