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The Faith of the Centurion January 28, 2018

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 8:5-13.

Summary: In this passage, a centurion approaches Jesus in Capernaum and requests Him to heal his paralyzed servant. Jesus declares that He will go to the centurion’s house and heal his servant. The centurion then displays the depth of his faith in Him by asserting that He can heal his servant at that moment – as He is sovereign over all disabilities. Jesus responds by:

  • drawing a sharp contrast between the saving faith of the Gentiles and the worthless faith of the Jews
  • healing his servant at that moment – thereby displaying His sovereignty over all disabilities.

Thoughts: Here, a centurion acknowledges the sovereignty of Jesus over all disabilities. This caused me to consider the depth of my trust in traditional and modern medicine. Many believers – either knowingly or unknowingly – assume that the answers to important questions of health and wellness lie in our corpus of medical knowledge. Yet one can make the following inference from this passage: Christ is also sovereign over our corpus of medical knowledge. How can we properly acknowledge the sovereignty of Christ in this regard? Perhaps we can:

  • continue to give thanks to Him for the advances in our medical knowledge that have occurred throughout human history, as He is the source of all knowledge
  • view any insurmountable barriers in this realm as signposts pointing to His kingdom – which will be free of all diseases and infirmities when it is fully realized.


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