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Jesus Calms the Storm February 4, 2018

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 8:23-27.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus and His disciples encounter a storm on the Sea of Galilee. The strength of that storm causes the disciples to panic and they beseech Jesus to save them. In response, He:

  • rebukes them for their lack of confidence in Him
  • calms the storm.

The latter action overwhelms the disciples.

Thoughts: Here, a storm reveals the disciples’ lack of confidence in Jesus. While we know that they sinned in this instance – given Jesus’ rebuke – I can empathize with them. Indeed, I am convinced that I would have shared their reaction to the storm had I been in that boat with them. In particular, I believe that they were exercising their natural instinct (possibly resulting from evolution) to survive. Their response highlights the central conflict in the life of a believer between the:

  • sinful nature (with its instincts)
  • spiritual nature (i.e. the Holy Spirit).

When we are confronted by trials and temptations, our spiritual nature displays confidence in God – while our sinful nature doubts Him. How can we display more confidence in Him in these instances? I believe that He calls us to “actively” trust in Him, though I struggle to respond in concrete ways.



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