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The Workers are Few March 10, 2018

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 9:35-38.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus travels throughout Galilee and:

  • exposits the Old Testament
  • proclaims salvation
  • performs miracles.

He knows that the people to whom He ministers are in danger of being condemned by God at the final judgment. Thus, He prays to God – through His disciples – that He would send forth workers to save them from His judgment.

Thoughts: Here, we see that Jesus healed “every disease and sickness.” Ryle offers some insights on this point:

He was an eye-witness of all the ills that flesh is heir to; he saw ailments of every kind, sort and description; he was brought in contact with every form of bodily suffering. None were too loathsome for him to attend to: none were too frightful for him to cure.

Admittedly I do not offer the same response to all who are in need. For example, while I assist underprivileged children in strengthening their reading comprehension skills with alacrity, I recoil from transients who ask me for spare change. Yet this passage – and Ryle’s comment – raise the following question: in order to truly follow Christ, should we display genuine compassion for all who are in need? If so, then I would need the assistance of the Holy Spirit in this regard, as my biases often influence my responses to the needy, e.g. transients.



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