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The Day and Hour Unknown September 7, 2018

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 24:36-51.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus asserts that only His Father knows the time of His Second Coming. He reminds His disciples that Noah’s contemporaries did not care about the flood, maintaining their personal and social routines until the cataclysm. Similarly, those who will witness His Second Coming will not care about it until it occurs; at that time, unbelievers will be judged – yet believers will be saved.

Thus, they should be constantly alert for His Second Coming. Just as a man who knows when a thief will come will not allow him to dig through his house, so they should be prepared for His Second Coming.

He then states that the kingdom of God is like a faithful and sensible servant who is told to rule over their master’s house. Their master will place them over all of his possessions – while dichotomizing an unfaithful and foolish servant.

Similarly, at His Second Coming, He will reward those who are faithful to the stewardship that He has given them – while condemning all others to hell.

Thoughts: Here, Jesus asserts that believers and unbelievers will be separated at His Second Coming. Ryle offers some thoughts on this point:

There will be no time for repentance or a change of mind when the Lord appears: everyone will be taken as they are, and reap according as they have sown. Believers will be caught up to glory, honor and eternal life; unbelievers will be left behind to shame and everlasting contempt.

It appears that Ryle believes in the Rapture, based on the phrases “caught up to glory” and “left behind.” Admittedly I am still confused about the mechanics of His Second Coming; thus, I am unsure as to whether Ryle is correct. If the theory of the Rapture is correct, then what will happen to a:

  • vehicle that was being operated by a believer?
  • meeting at work that includes at least one believer?
  • patient who was undergoing an operation led by a believer?

Perhaps it is best to not fixate on the mechanics of His Second Coming and allow God to work according to His ways and timing.

Here, Jesus exhorts believers to be prepared for His Second Coming. Ryle offers some insights on this point:

He knows the sleepiness of our nature; he knows how soon we forget the most solemn subjects in religion; he knows how unceasingly Satan labors to obscure the glorious doctrine of his second coming. He exhorts us to keep awake, if we do not want to be ruined forevermore. May we all have an ear to hear his words!

It should be reiterated that being prepared for His Second Coming does not mean that we should anticipate His arrival on a particular date. Now I also believe that it does not mean that we need to meditate on His Second Coming on a daily basis. Instead, I believe that preparing for His Second Coming is equivalent to serving Him faithfully. In particular, we should regularly ask, “has God been glorified through my thoughts, words and deeds today?” If we can answer that question in the affirmative, then we are ready for His Second Coming; when He actually arrives, then He will reward us for being in a state of readiness.



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