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The Parable of the Ten Virgins September 9, 2018

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 25:1-13.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus states that His kingdom can be represented by ten bridesmaids who take their torches to greet a bridegroom. Five of them are prudent and bring flasks with oil, while the other five are morons, failing to bring these flasks.

The bridegroom does not arrive at the expected time, though; thus, they all fall asleep.

At midnight, a cry is raised to announce his arrival. They awake, and the prudent bridesmaids re-light their torches with their oil. The others ask them for some oil; they respond by instructing them to purchase their own oil.

Later, the bridegroom arrives while the moronic bridesmaids are still procuring their oil. The prudent bridesmaids join the festivities; the others are denied entry, though.

Similarly, believers should be alert for His Second Coming – since they cannot predict it.

Thoughts: Here, the ten bridesmaids are asleep when they learn of the arrival of the bridegroom. Ryle offers some insights on this point:

It will be just the same when Jesus returns to the world. He will find the vast majority of mankind utterly unbelieving and unprepared; he will find the bulk of his believing people in a sleepy and indolent state of soul. Business will be going on in town and country just as it does now; politics, trade, farming, buying, selling, pleasure-seeking will be taking up men’s attention just as they do now…

This passage reminds us of the suddenness of Jesus’ Second Coming. It bears repeating that since no one – besides God the Father – knows the exact timing of that event, all who are alive at that moment will be taken by surprise. What we do know is that He will arrive at some point; thus, we must persist in our preparations for that event. Now I submit that as long as we continue to prepare for His Second Coming, God will not disapprove of us when we engage in “politics, trade, framing, buying, selling, pleasure-seeking.” In fact, we may be engaged in those pursuits at His Second Coming – yet if we are prepared for that event, then He will not judge us for such pursuits. Of course, we must not allow such pursuits to distract us from our preparations…

This passage also reminded me of my unbelieving friends and relatives. My impression is that each of them is doing well – and assured of the accuracy of their worldview. Yet I wonder: are they actually masking inner hurts and pains that could be healed by the Gospel message? If so, how can I help them remove that mask of contentment? I must continue to pray that God would be at work in them, softening their hearts and enabling me to capitalize on any opportunities that He might grant me to bring them closer to Him. Indeed, I must remain confident that God can help at least one of them to place their trust in Him.



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