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Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus September 28, 2018

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 26:14-16.

Summary: In this passage, Judas (from the region of Kerioth) goes to the chief priests and sets up his betrayal of Jesus. After bargaining for thirty pieces of silver, he spends a week planning his heinous act.

Thoughts: This passage sharpens the contrast between the righteousness of Jesus and the unrighteousness of all others. Here, Judas reveals his unrighteousness by willingly betraying his Lord. Indeed, Judas had spent the last three years with Jesus – observing His miracles, hearing His sermons, and sharing in his private teachings. Essentially, he learned how to live righteously before God during that wonderful period. Yet he grew disillusioned with Jesus and eventually betrayed Him. As modern-day believers, we are tempted to view Judas with an air of superiority – yet we must not fall into this trap. Indeed, we are also in danger of growing disillusioned with our Savior, and so we need His grace on a daily basis.


Jesus Again Predicts His Death July 15, 2018

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 20:17-19.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus begins His long ascent from Jericho to Jerusalem. He tells His disciples that He will:

  • be betrayed to the Jewish hereditary aristocracy and the scribes
  • be condemned to death
  • be placed in the hands of the Romans to be humiliated, scourged and crucified
  • conquer death after three days.

Thoughts: Here, Jesus repeats – and elaborates – His prediction of His death. I anticipate meeting His disciples in the next life and learning about their reactions to His statements in this passage. Did they comprehend any facet of His prediction? Was their judgment clouded by their vision of Him as their political Messiah? Did they attempt to refute His prediction, asserting that no tragedy would befall him? How did Judas Iscariot react when Jesus referenced betrayal in this passage? Did the other disciples believe that they could betray their Master? Did they recall any of His previous miracles when He referenced His resurrection?