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A Dead Girl and a Sick Woman March 2, 2018

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 9:18-26.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus performs two miracles:

  • raising the daughter of Jairus – the chief elder of the synagogue in Capernaum – from the dead
  • healing a woman who has an issue of blood.

In both instances, He responds to a display of faith in Him.

Thoughts: Here, we see that Jesus raises a young girl from the dead. I still struggle to connect with the miracles that Jesus performs in the Gospels. In particular, while I have experienced God at work in my life, I have never observed Him resurrecting anyone from the dead. Thus, I continue to require His grace to maintain my faith in Him as the actual author of such miracles in the Gospels. My sinful nature remains skeptical of this fact; without His assistance, I would swiftly reject this account as a mere fable.

On a somewhat-related note, I am curious as to whether any readers have had a near-death experience; if so, how did God work in that situation?