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The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast April 14, 2018

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 13:31-35.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus tells two parables. He states that His kingdom can be represented by:

  • a mustard seed; while it is the smallest of all edible seeds, it can grow to a height of fifteen feet. Similarly, while His kingdom is small at its inception, it will be very large at His Second Coming, sheltering and protecting many nations.
  • yeast; a piece of sour, fermented dough spreads throughout a large batch of dough, causing it to rise and improving its taste. Similarly, His kingdom spreads throughout the world and improves it.

He reiterates that those who reject Him will become more perplexed regarding His kingdom – thereby fulfilling a prophecy in Psalm 78:2.

Thoughts: As believers, we can draw strength from this passage as we help advance God’s kingdom in this world. Though our efforts often appear insignificant, this passage reminds us that God is working through us to achieve His purposes. Each of us can:

  • nurture “the mustard seed” as it grows to a great height
  • cause “the large batch of dough” to rise and become more flavorful.

Thus, we must continue to serve faithfully, trusting that He will utilize our gifts and abilities to bear good fruit in His timing.