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Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus September 28, 2018

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 26:14-16.

Summary: In this passage, Judas (from the region of Kerioth) goes to the chief priests and sets up his betrayal of Jesus. After bargaining for thirty pieces of silver, he spends a week planning his heinous act.

Thoughts: This passage sharpens the contrast between the righteousness of Jesus and the unrighteousness of all others. Here, Judas reveals his unrighteousness by willingly betraying his Lord. Indeed, Judas had spent the last three years with Jesus – observing His miracles, hearing His sermons, and sharing in his private teachings. Essentially, he learned how to live righteously before God during that wonderful period. Yet he grew disillusioned with Jesus and eventually betrayed Him. As modern-day believers, we are tempted to view Judas with an air of superiority – yet we must not fall into this trap. Indeed, we are also in danger of growing disillusioned with our Savior, and so we need His grace on a daily basis.

The Plot Against Jesus September 22, 2018

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 26:1-5.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus completes the Olivet Discourse and then informs His disciples of God’s plans regarding His death.

The chief priests and the Jewish lay nobility then meet to plot His death, planning to wait at least eight days before acting.

Thoughts: Here, the chief priests and the Jewish lay nobility are cognizant of Jesus’ popularity, knowing that they cannot execute their plot against Him during the week-long Passover. Their thoughts on this point sharpen the contrast between their unrighteousness and His righteousness. While He is entirely faultless, they seek to preserve their lofty status among the Jews – knowing that the Romans would punish them in the event of a riot by their “subjects.” Now I should note that as a modern-day believer, I am tempted to adopt an air of superiority towards the chief priests and the Jewish lay nobility in this passage. Yet I know that this passage – and the remainder of Matthew – only reinforces the following points:

  • only He is righteous
  • His suffering and death stem from my unrighteousness
  • I need Him as my Savior.

Plot Against Jeremiah March 10, 2017

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Here are my thoughts on Jeremiah 11:18-23.

Summary: In this passage, God reveals a plot by the men of Anathoth against Jeremiah. They intend to kill him for preaching in the name of the Lord, as they view him as a false prophet. Jeremiah finds refuge in the Lord, though; moreover, He promises to punish his murderous compatriots.

Thoughts: Here, we see that God will rescue Jeremiah from those who seek his life. Calvin offers some thoughts on this point in his commentary on verses 18-20:

This passage teaches us that even if the whole world unites to suppress the light of truth, prophets and teachers should not be despondent but rather persevere in their work. We also see that there is no point in the ungodly trying to elude the authority of the prophets, for they eventually have to come before God’s tribunal.

This passage should encourage all believers, as it demonstrates that as long as God has a task from us to complete in this life, He will enable us to complete it – even if we are confronted by a host of obstacles. Perhaps this passage should also cause us to consider whether we are allowing the opposition of others to hinder our fulfillment of God’s plans for us. If so, we need to rest on the Holy Spirit, as He is more powerful than flesh and blood.