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The Righteous Branch April 23, 2017

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Here are my thoughts on Jeremiah 23:1-8.

Summary: In this passage, God condemns the spiritual and political leaders of Judah – as they have failed to care for His people. In spite of their neglectfulness, He promises to:

  • restore at least some of His exiled people to their native land
  • install the Messiah as their wise, just and righteous King.

Indeed, this act of deliverance will surpass that which He effected for their forefathers when they left Egypt.

Thoughts: Here, we see that the miracles that God performed for His people in leading them out of Egypt are not worth comparing with the miracles that He performs in establishing His earthly kingdom – with Christ as its King. This highlights the sublimity of the spiritual transformation that God continues to work in us; the task of convincing the most powerful man on Earth to free a group of slaves appears enormous, yet even that task is trivial compared to the task of freeing all mankind from the power of sin and death. I must admit that I often struggle to grasp the enormity of what God has done for us through Christ – yet I know that as long as I continue to advance the principles of His earthly reign, I am acknowledging Him as my true King.